Whole House Renovation in Lovettsville, VA, Bob O.

“My wife and I long planned an extensive remodel of our 27-year-old home. Our objective was to completely gut the first floor and create an open architecture as well as accommodate us well into our senior years. In short, we wanted a house that we could comfortably prosper and live in despite age limiting abilities. The remodel included a new bathroom specifically designed for our anticipated special needs as we grow (much) older. Also, I wanted to have additional space created for my extensive shop and garage activities added as a connected structure.

I’m an experienced do-it-yourselfer and have done extensive construction myself in previous homes, including building a detached garage, built-in cabinetry, and furniture. I feel I’m very good at evaluating work quality in the building trades. My wife and I carefully shopped for the right company to take on this extensive project. Talon had completed a significant project for my daughter and son-in-law and they were extremely pleased with the work and experience with Talon as was I.

We visited Talon and we were impressed with the professionalism and understanding with what we wanted. The design is everything and one of the first things with which I was impressed was Talon’s comprehension and execution of our particular design needs and their refining iterations until they created pretty quickly what we considered the perfect designs, both exterior and interior. Their detailed computer generated renderings made it easy for us to visualize the final product and indeed, the renderings were spot on to the finished product.

This extensive project proceeded with only minor hiccups and we pretty quickly found that the project was being extremely well run, managed, and executed to the point where we really had no worries day to day nor how the final product would turn out. The workmanship of Talon’s staff has been absolutely top notch. Early in the project, I happened to overhear Steve describe to Mike who was cutting the wood, a piece that he needed cut to size. Steve described the dimensions of the piece down to 64th’s of an inch! In all my years of cabinet making, I endeavored to be that precise, but it could only rarely get close to that.

Due to our very positive experience with Talon, we decided to go ahead with the second phase our remodel, a new garage and workshop structure connected to the house.That project is on-going at this time but I have no doubt that we will be as delighted with that as with the first floor remodel. All the folks at Talon have been very easy to deal with. They are personable, professional, and communicated honestly and effectively. We have had no misunderstandings and our confidence in working with them is 100%. We have found that they are very attentive to any concerns we had and have been motivated to ensure we are happy customers. We are!”

“I’m appending this second review to my first review which was posted after phase 1 of our remodel was completed. We decided to go ahead and sign up with Talon for the construction of my semi-detached garage/workshop. We were so extremely pleased with the outcome of our first floor remodel that we decided to go ahead and have Talon construct a major addition to our house. The workshop/garage is now complete. I work on and restore my small collection of cars and needed a quality space for working on my cars, as well as for my woodworking shop.
Again, the design that Talon developed was right on the money after a very few iterations. They listened carefully to my needs and came up with the perfect design for both function and exterior aesthetics. The breezeway tie-in to the house was particularly challenging but the design and execution were perfect. Again, we found the workmanship to be absolutely the best. A call-out here to Steve and all the very skilled, conscientious people who worked on the project. Design mods and refinements were made while under construction and in every case the final outcome was better.”
Thanks Talon!

Bob O  – Whole house renovation in Lovettsville, VA March 2018