Home addition in the Kentlands of Gaithersburg, MD October 2019 Dawn D

“I cannot thank Talon Construction enough for the beautiful addition they built and was just finished in October 2019. Everyone involved was extremely professional. During the design and entire process Paul was extremely patient and great at setting expectations. He kept me calm during the long approval process. Brian took my requests and created a beautiful and perfect design of what I had envisioned. I had no idea how much detail was involved with the design process until working with Brian. He is brilliant. The final product matches exactly what Brian designed on paper. I am still in awe.
Then I was lucky enough to have Professional Carpenters Steve and Mike create what Brian designed into a beautiful two-room addition with foyer, patio, and deck. They are truly masters at what they do. Their attention to detail is just amazing. They took pride in their work as if they were working on their own home. The addition may have been small but I knew it was very difficult for them to build the structure in such a confined space. They got it done because that is how experienced and skilled they are. Steve and Mike really became part of the family over the four months. For a week after the project ended, my 3-year-old kept asking when Steve was coming back. When something needs fixing now my 7-year-old asks me to call Steve and Mike because they are the best and he is right they are.
I also want to thank Eddie. He handled the scheduling and timing of all the different projects- materials, framing, insulation, electrical work, sprinklers, drywall, flooring, painting, HVAC, and all the inspections too. There may have been a few issues but I wouldn’t know. Eddie kept the entire project going and had it finished on time! And thanks to Ed who handled the stressful part by keeping detailed records of all the charges, expenses, and payments and sending to me so that I did not have to!
I will be using Talon Construction for future projects. Paul, Brian, Steve, Mike, Eddie, Ed, Zach (flooring), Bob (patio), the quiet Painter, and all the skilled sub-contractors-thank you for creating a forever home for me and my family.”

Dawn D – Home addition project Gaithersburg, MD October 2019