Basement remodel in Potomac, MD, Ken F

“We highly recommend Talon Construction. They were organized, transparent, reasonably priced and very client friendly. Most importantly, they did a fantastic job with our basement.

Organized – As soon as we called them, Talon set up an appointment to get measurements of our basement.  This was our first major home improvement project, so we were unsure what to expect. Talon comprehensively detailed their general process and plan for projects. We were very nicely surprised when they designed three very good and detailed plans for the look of our basement without even a commitment from us to engage them. This immediately put us at ease and fostered our sense of trust in the company.

Transparent – At the onset, Talon was very upfront about the costs of the project. Shortly after taking measurements, Talon provided us with a written estimate.  While other contractors we engaged also provided us with costs, the thing that set Talon apart was that it provided detailed and specific descriptions for each part of the project (e.g., identifying what came with the costs), including allowances for specific portions of the project (i.e., flooring, cabinets, bathroom/fixtures). These allowances were generally generous, and covered much of the higher end materials we chose – if we chose items that were below the allowances, those amounts came back to us.

Reasonably Priced – The written estimate that we received was better than the majority of the other contractors that we considered. They stuck to the estimate and the only costs that went over were when we chose higher end items for our bathroom and flooring.

Very Client Friendly – Talon did not pressure us to make a decision on what items we wanted or on our timeframes. When the project started, they let us know far in advance when we needed to make our selections by, so they could complete the project on time. Also, they were always willing to answer questions thoughtfully, with the attitude that no question is too dumb to answer.  In addition, when the basement was complete, they came back during the spring to repair grass that was trodden on during the renovation. They also assured us a return visit in the winter (after one season of settling). If anything goes wrong, we feel confident that Talon would come back to address the issue. They were really just a great pleasure to work with.

Another thing that we liked about Talon is their business structure. The three individuals we worked with throughout the process each had a stake in the company, and accordingly, had a stake in the outcome of the basement. We believe that this structure made a big difference.

Overall, we were very pleased with the work of Talon. We set high expectations for the company after hearing great things about them, and were very pleasantly surprised when they exceeded those expectations.”

Ken F. – Basement remodel in Potomac, MD July 2015