Addition in Kentlands in Gaithersburg, MD, Chris H

“Talon construction did two projects for me and my wife. First, we were not sure who they were and had not worked with them before so we gave them a small project in the house. It was the removal of an old fireplace and installation of a storage cabinet. They did a very professional, clean and efficient job.

Next, we decided to do a major addition to our house. What started as a screened in sunroom that became an octagon sunroom with a coppola and four-season construction. We worked with an architect to design the building and then put the work out to bid. Talon’s bid was in the middle of the prices we got. Because the project was so complicated we were very concerned. We choose Talon because of the people. Specifically Bob and Dave. Bob tends to work in the sales area (though he can swing a hammer) and Dave tends to do the delivery (I’ve seen him with several hammers).

The project kicked off on time and was an absolute pleasure to see come together. Specifically, the employees they brought to the site were incredibly professional and very good at what they did. Talon also works with subcontractors on various parts of the job and seems to have found very solid people. They all worked as a single team as far as I could tell. Frankly, I don’t think Talon would let monkeys or anyone else, not top notch screw up their reputation.

To cut to the chase – Talon is a top flight firm. I get nothing for this review and have no reason to say anything but the truth. We need to know who the good guys are and keep them in business. I am happy to provide details or comments to anyone who wants to know. Chris Hodges

Some facts:

Project finished on time, under budget, to spec. No disruptions, no complaints, no delinquencies. We got what we paid for intangibles and more than we paid for in the intangibles of trust and confidence.”

Chris H – Addition in Kentlands in Gaithersburg May 2012