Who can design-build an addition?

In this current environment working remotely from home can be difficult. Building an addition on your home to create your own home office and more space for the family can be a game changer.

  Who can design-build an addition on your home? Depending on what your needs are, property size, building restrictions and budget additions are built in various forms and sizes. One may decide to build outwards, upwards, or downwards from the home structure in existence or possibly close-in a garage or carport. Therefore, depending on what a person hopes to achieve with a home addition project, it is necessary to seek a design-build expert to help with the questions about the home addition cost, arrangement, family needs, architectural and structural design, specific materials, planning, etc. The designer will help bring clarity to the project, which may be one of the most valuable assets a home remodeling company can provide. 

Through our design-build process our remodeling team provided our homeowners in the Kentland’s in Gaithersburg a cozy home office and family room addition off the back of the house with a bonus porch and stamped concrete patio. The added living space now provides a much needed home office which is so important in the current work from home environment. The family now also has more living room space as well as a foyer with cubby cabinets when entering the home.