A new custom home in Glenview Estates of Frederick

This "Storybook" new custom home was a dream come true

We were presented with a magnificent brass plate with the name of Storybook and the years of our dream.

We hold that the plate will serve as evidence of Talon’s dedication to us, your clients, and to the adage that when a man truly loves what he does, then it is not work, but rather a joyful thing, self-evident in his craft.  Such as it is with Talon.

The house is a true work of art – true craftsmanship, highest of quality, every attention to detail that could be tended to.  We wanted for nothing more. The house is beautiful beyond all imagination.

The house will outlive us all, and its history will travel with it in the form of a great story, bound for all time in its own book.  I will pass a copy to you when it is complete.